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Leonardo's takes its name from Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous painter of the Mona Lisa, and the Quintessential Renaissance Man, who was, in addition to being a painter, also an inventor, engineer, architect, anatomist, mathematician, scientist , and writer.

The central concept behind Leonardo's goes beyond simply good food. Leonardo's is inspired by the spirit of the Renaissance that Leonardo Da Vinci epitomised - a spirit which Leonardo's aims to foster by promoting a culture of thought and reason right here in Malaysia.

This theme is reflected in the physical setting of the premises: The bare brick walls stripped of any covering represent the truth that is revealed when false dogmas and unquestiond belief are discarded; The antique safe holding books within its vault symbolises the value of knowledge; The telescope represents the knowledge of the wider universe that it has enabled us to gain.

Here at Leonardo's, we hope that you will enjoy our eclectic selection of global dishes, which reflects the modern world that we live in - Where cuisine is no longer limited by geographucal constraints. Our motto is simply: If it tastes good, put it on the menu! Enjoy!.

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